Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of 2 and 4 Red Pucks Review


Air hockey is among the most enjoyable games. However, you can lose your pucks and pushers from time to time. That is the primary reason why some air hockey tables are expensive home decoration features. Do not allow that to happen. You can purchase spare parts from the local or online stores. Some of the items you can buy include pucks and pushers. Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of 2 and 4 Red Pucks is the ideal choice for people looking for pushers and pucks for their kids or for professional use.

Features of the Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of 2 and 4 Red Pucks

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To buy the right pucks and pushers for your air hockey table, you must consider the features of each product. The manufacturer has designed the set for use with your home table. The following are the key features of the product.

Consists of 4 Pucks

The set features 4 red pucks of 2-1/2-inch diameter. The size is similar to that of original pucks supplied with air hockey tables. The four pucks are suitable for anyone because, if you happen to lose one of them, you can choose to replace it without having to purchase another set. The pucks are liable to damages. If you apply more force, they are likely to fly off the air hockey table and break. You should therefore be careful when playing.

High impact plastic

The manufacturer uses high-quality higher-impact plastic to make the Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of two and four Red Pucks. The plastic is somewhat flexible and it is not brittle. In other words, you will use the pucks thousands of times before they break. The manufacturer uses a plastic material that provides similar quality to that of the expensive puck and pushers kits available in the market. Due to the lightweight, the pushers are ideal for kids and adults alike.


A large number of products in the market lose their value within a few months after purchase. The Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of two and four Red Pucks is not among them. The manufacturer uses high impact plastic to make the pucks and pushers and they can therefore withstand pressure. The thickness of the pucks helps them resist impacts. Your kids might be aggressive but after purchasing the product, you will not worry about anything. The colors also take longer to come off.

Sturdy handles

Some people refer to air hockey pushers as goalies, handles, strikers, or mallets. The manufacturer uses high quality and thicker plastic to make them, the Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of two and four Red Pucks has sturdier handles. The handles are strong and will rarely fold during a game. Furthermore, they are easy, fun, and soft to hold or move around. After your purchase, you will get the felt attached at the bottom. If the felt is unattached to the pusher, use strong glue to attach it. The product is a deal breaker for people who love conveniences.

Perfect size and weight

Weight is an important factor to consider when purchasing toys for your kids. That should not be an exception when purchasing pushers and pucks for your air hockey table. Unlike the many heavy pushers and pucks available in the market, the Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of two and four Red Pucks is a light product ideal for small children. The light pushers are easier to move around while the light pucks glide and fly easily. The pucks have a 2-1/2 thickness while the pushers measure 2-3!8 inches high and 3-58 inches wide. Those are the right measures for air hockey toys. Heavy pucks and pushers may hurt your child in the long term.

Attractive appearance

Probably, you have seen black pucks. How did they look? You will spot a black item easily especially in dark rooms. The blue pushers and red pucks are easier to spot in almost any place. Pucks normally fly off the air hockey table during a game and therefore you need one that will not get lost easily. What's more, kids love bright colors such as red and blue. The two are more attractive to the eye and your kids will definitely like them. They have brightened faces of many kids.

FELT Backed pushers

The manufacturer has backed the pushers with a soft felt layer. That alone makes provides the pushers with similar quality to that of the pushers that came with your air hockey table. The purpose of the felt is to allow the pushers to glide over the air hockey table without scraping or scratching. The manufacturer uses specialist glue to attach the felt. That prevents the felt from peeling off and because the felt is denser, you should not expect it to break when in use. With the features, you can maintain your hockey table in the best condition.

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  • The product features an environmental friendly packaging that saves money.
  • It has lightweight pushers that make it ideal for kids and adults alike.
  • The manufacturer includes 4 Replacement Pucks.
  • The product is compatible with all home air hockey table brands.
  • It boasts a 2-1/2-inch puck diameter.
  • The felt backed pushers glide smoothly over the home air hockey table.
  • The product is highly durable.
  • Great value for your money.
  • Boasts a high-quality construction.


  • The product is not ideal for larger tables. You have to check the puck size for table compatibility.

Final Verdict

Some people believe that air hockey is for kids. That is not the case. Today, even adults do play. You can choose to play the indoor game either professionally or for recreational purposes. However, to benefit more, you have to purchase the best pucks and pusher in the market.

When are more convenient, you will enjoy the game more. Possibly, you will not get a better package than the 2 Blue Pushers and the 4 Red Pucks. They are available at a cheaper price and their size is perfect. What's more, they have a perfect weight and are durable. The manufacturer designs them for use with home tables. They are of great quality and more attractive.

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