Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′ Air Hockey Table Review


Introducing the Atomic Top Shelf 7.5’ Air Hockey Table. This particular item features a lot of lights and sounds. It's also easy to assemble and use, which is perfect for people don't have a lot of experience assembling or playing air hockey. If you think something's wrong, just look at the manual and everything should be fine.

Aside from its lights and sounds, the Atomic also features a lot of durable components, and its smooth PVC laminated MDF surface serves to enhance the player's experience. So, if you would like to know more about the Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table then here’s what you can expect.

Features of the Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table

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Dimensions and Playing Surface

The Atomic product dimensions are 90” by 49” by 312" while its playing surface is 82" x 41". So compared to most air hockey tables, it's fairly average.

As for its weight, the Atomic weighs 230 pounds, and is constructed to provide optimum stability. It's a little heavy but you should have no trouble bringing it down to your basement.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that The Atomic seems to have been designed to have good weight distribution, which further reinforces its stability. So as long as you deploy on a flat and stable surface, it should have no balance issues.

High Tempo Music

The Atomic Top Shelf has its own built in high tempo music, which comes from a speaker in the plastic scoreboard. The music is not distracting, nor is it too loud. It also adds to the excitement of the game, which some players appreciate.

However, if you find the music not to your liking then you can easily turn it off without any trouble. The controls can be found at the control panel. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the components, it's best not change or modify the sound system on your own.

LED Pushers, Pucks and Spinners

The LED pushers and spinners look great thanks to their lights. However, what makes them truly convenient is that they can be recharged using a simple micro USB cable. So there's no need to worry about batteries. The only exception are the pucks, which require button cell batteries. A single battery can last for 7 hours, though, so it’s not too bad. The pucks, pushers and spinners are also quite tough, so there's no need to worry about damages.

LED Lumen-X Technology

LED Lumen-X Technology is what allows the Atomic to have its impressive light show. The light effects are coordinated and seems to be in sync with the music.

However, you may need to consult the manual to get them to work properly. The LED rails, for example, don’t seem to follow a cycle, and will require a few tweaks to get them to work correctly.

The one particular issue aside, though, the Atomic’s Lumen-X technology is a nice feature and helps to reinforce the arcade-like experience offered by the Atomic Air Hockey Table.

PVC laminated MDF Surface

The Atomic’s PVC laminated MDF surface is one of its nicer features. Not only is it smooth and easy to clean, it also amplifies the light of the LEDs. So, if you like the Atomic's lights then you'll appreciate its PVC laminated surface.

Aside from its smooth and light-enhancing design, the Atomic’s PVC laminated MDF surface is also durable, and can withstand a little abuse. So, there's no need to worry about cracks and other similar problems. Just make.

120V Motor

The Atomic's 120V Motor helps is the source of its maximum air flow. The motor is also easy to manage, and it's durable. It will continue to work even if you use the Atomic for several hours.

The downside, though, is that if it does malfunction, it could potentially affect the rest of the air hockey table, which is why you should take good care of it even if it is very durable.

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  • The Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey table has nice lights and music.
  • Thanks to its 120V motor, it offers maximum air flow.
  • It has good weight distribution, which increases the stability and balance of the playing surface.
  • It's relatively compact.
  • It's durable.
  • Recharging the components is relatively easy to do.


  • At almost $900 on eBay, the Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table is a little expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it Possible to Carry the Table Without Any Help?
No. Due to the Atomic’s weight, you will need someone to help you carry the entire device. Fortunately, you can reduce the total weight by removing some of the legs separately. This will allow you navigate corners more easily, or to position the table in the proper areas without too much trouble.

Furthermore, it's best to put the Atomic on a stone floor. Because of its weight, it might dent wooden floors.

Q: What Should I Know About the Pucks?
The Atomic comes with three pucks. All of them are 3 inches in diameter. One is a regular red colored puck. Another is a clear puck with LED lights. And the last one is a clear hexagon with LED lights.

It's also worth mentioning that all the pucks run on LED batteries, whereas the pushers are rechargeable.

Q: Should I Be Concerned About Malfunctions?
The Atomic is quite tough, but not invulnerable to damage. This is particularly true for some of its internal components. The laminated surface can take withstand a lot of pressure, but not the lights. So pay attention to what the manual says if you're going to clean the internal parts.


All in all, the Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table is the kind of item that belongs in a game room or a bar. It’s fun, it’s easy to use, it has a lot of nice features and perhaps most importantly, it works as advertised. It also makes a nice present for children or even teenagers.

And as we've mentioned, despite its lights and electrical components, it can withstand a few boisterous players, and thanks to its rechargeable features, recharging its components is relatively easy. So if you want an air hockey table that combines durability with nice features then the Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table is what you need.

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