A Comprehensive Guide to Solving the Women Lingerie Puzzle


For any woman out there, who has not yet fully understood what women lingerie is and what distinguishes it from your usual undergarment, this is your moment. Per se, lingerie is among the most exciting fashion ways of self-indulgence that any woman-single or no single, dating or other-deserves. It might surprise you to know what seemingly tiny attire can offer, considering that lingerie is not even seen-except maybe to your roommate or partner. Let's take a tour through everything you might want to know. At the end, you will be good to go on a delightful shopping round for the very fitting thing you need.

What is Women Lingerie?

For beginners, lingerie wear is classically an undergarment. The reverse, however, is not expressly true. Thinking of lingerie, physical comfort should not be the first thing to cross your mind. Lingerie is a little else. They are designed to make women feel and look great, attractive and sexy. They are also claimed to provide other body-shape benefits. The idea that women wear lingerie to erotically arouse their men is long conventional.

Today, the modern woman buys and wears these attires by free choice, any time, as long as she can afford. Some lingerie is a little pricey, but that's for solid reasons. They are designed of luxurious chiffon, silk, lycra and lace. And going by how impressively intricate the designs are, most lingerie is worth the buck. It depends on your freedom and desire-or lack of these-for greater things in life.

How to Find the Right Women Lingerie for Your Body Shape

Women lingerie is every bit great. Not everything, however, can perfectly suit anyone. Different women are created, or grow, to different body statures. That is why every girl who hasn't been around this block needs to be well-informed on how to choose lingerie for various types of bodies.

It is good to be aware of the body type you are, which becomes a pivotal consideration in choosing lingerie that not only fits, but also feels great. This can actually make all the difference. To begin with:

1. Hourglass

As so agreed, if your vitals are 36-24-36, then you doubtless are proud of the coveted hourglass figure. Otherwise put, your hips and shoulders are of similar size, with a slim waistline. For you and others with the same profile, wearing lingerie that adds oomph to the already hot gait is unquestionable. Suitable Lingerie for Hourglass-shaped Women Virtually everything lingerie sits pretty cool with this kind of body shape.

Nothing is on record back-firing. However, a few design models will rest the game comfortably on the crest, particularly the teddy, garter belt, and corset. A high-leg panty and/or thong with a lace bra are other great choices for you. In fact, the women lingerie set is an indisputable addition to your wardrobe.

2. Triangle

An indubitably drop-dead body type, what with this new, top fad. Pretty, generous hips are a thing now and it's everybody's guess what next to smile-mention. Triangle body shape is that adorned with a wider hip curve, one which is actually broader relative to the shoulders.

The Lingerie for Triangle-shaped Women The point of focus for ladies blessed with this body shape is on and around the hips. If you lie in this group, try lacey negligee which, taut near the breasts, are also flowing down below. Some lingerie that will show out the best in you is the bustier, supporting your breasts while distributing attention proportionately. You can also consider matching sets with, say ruffled bra, creating an illusion. To do it another way, wear a straight bandeau that will make things feel as your hips and shoulders are at the same level.

3. Round

This is quite self-explanatory and like the name suggests, this is a body type rounded near the waist, with little if any definition. The upper body and torso are a lot wider compared to the hips. Those who take their vitals will confirm that there is no that much difference, though. As such, lingerie for making it all appear as proportionate is ideal.

Ideal Lingerie for Round-shaped Women The negligee is a good option for both concealing the chunks around your waistline and defining your bust-line. Negligees are tight at your bust, flowing from there down. Most round-shaped ladies feel comfortable with these. Teddy's is an alternative that will do just as fine. As a newbie, opt to trying out dark-colored models. Or else try any women lingerie model you fancy, which you may pair with a suitable pair of quality chemises or satin lingerie gowns which are give you coverage while exuding sexiness.

4. Rectangle

Women who have got it all on a straight line without definite curves are the rectangle type. If your hips, bust, and shoulders are nearly at the same level, let's see what lingerie is fine for you. Like most athletic-looking women, if you don't have a clear waistline, rectangle shape is your category.

The Right Lingerie for the Rectangle-shaped There are women lingerie designs for almost anyone, and for the rectangle-shaped lady who has a fondness for things that cinch at their waist, they have corsets waiting. Aka waist trainers, corsets introduce that desired waist curve to make you look hey hot. With a lengthier torso, a teddy or garter belt will not disappoint. Moreover, you may want to make-do a bigger bust-line by wearing push-up lingerie type, say bustier or something of a similar cut.

5. Inverted Triangle

This is that woman who is broad-shouldered. If you have your shoulders and bust-line broader than the hip-width and somewhat resemble athletes, we are looking for you. The lingerie model for you is more of a choice; also depends on the body part you are thinking to cover up or flaunt.

Lingerie Suitable for Inverted Triangle-shaped Women Proudly put on lingerie that feature halter necks-it is also a life tip. If yours is a flatter bum, going with a model like teddy is great. It evenly distributes the attention. Also, bralettes and a subtly matching thong or panty is a nice selection. You can also try matching came sets which lend you a rather straight look.

More Wise Tips to Further Heed

–If you joined the lingerie party just the other day and you haven't yet known the vital tips and tricks of the trade, you are advised to visit a physical store to have professional fitting done. That will be the guiding step toward your suitable maiden purchases. The collections offered on online stores can be overwhelming. However, it is important to get your basics right prior to making any order.

–Your bra and lingerie must not be of a similar size. For beginners then, do not stress over trying a lingerie model that is somewhat off your fit. Try several options to find that which you feel alright in-for that is the essence of putting on lingerie.

–Again, for starters, you should try adding to your wardrobe a combination of lingerie and undergarment sets both. Start there, moving forward depending on your preference and comfort.

–Be confident to try anything over-the-top, for this is quite intimate. It is all about you and you first. Therefore, listen to your own body. If something feels great, choose that.

–Be keen on the fabric and avoid trying anything you do not substantially understand. The lingerie material should be silky, smooth, and sitting will on your body. Limit the number of units you buy at a time to avoid buyer regrets. Remember, this is for you.

–If you live in or travel to cold countries, remember to pair up your very lingerie according to the weather or season, particularly if you are wearing them to a party or work. During winters, wearing lace or other thin fabric lingerie is not a great idea.

–Finally, when cleaning your lingerie, the most noteworthy aspect is to not use the washing machine. Gentle hand-washing is recommended. However, they may easily wear out and lose shape.


People are individually unique and different in tastes and some, in physique. It calls personal attention, indulgence, pampering. To be aware of oneself is the most important step in pushing back the frontiers of women lingerie success and satisfaction. It is a self-esteem lifting revelation. Ultimately, the above information must have set greater confidence in you to try women lingerie better, smarter, and freer. You are on course to success.

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